Lake Sakakawea's shoreline meanders more than 1,300 miles and covers two time zones. More than 175 miles long, Lake Sakakawea winds along a distance equaling nearly one-half of the width of the Peace Garden State. Our amazing lake has something for everyone, from water sports, fishing, and hunting to biking birding and wildlife photography. The adventures are only limited to your imagination.

  • Fishing

    Walleye fishing is what we are famous for but you'll find that Lake Sakakawea has much more to offer. Northern Pike will give a real thrill and the Small Mouth Bass have become abundant in the past few years. Catfish, White Bass and
    Fishing out of Indian Hills provides a unique fishing experience. If you fish east, you find yourself working along large bluff areas and sneaking into the back ends of bays. If you fish west, you find yourself with considerably flat contours. What makes the Indian Hills area unique is that you get two specific kinds of lake contours to fish. And you can bet, the fish will either be found on the large flats to the west, or the more rugged points and shelves to the east. And often times during July and August fish will be found in both directions.

  • Hunting

    One of the best, most secluded hunting areas in North Dakota. The land has a mysterious feeling of olden solitude. For many, many years, this land has been enjoyed and hunted by many those persons have gained to understand the spirituality of the landscape. With an abundance of birds and game the land is bountiful with opportunities all year long for any hunting season. Once you start walking the prairie landscape you’ll gain a sense of how truly special this land has been and will continue to be for decades to come. Experience Indian Hills... Experience the hunt!

  • The Nux Baa Ga Trail

    Nux Baa Ga means "All the People" in Arikara. The trail winds six miles. With the lake as its backdrop hikers, horseback riders and bicyclists can explore its surrounding hills and draws, soaking in history, flora and fauna alike. With nine interpretive signs it’s more than a trail, it’s a historical tribute to Elbowoods and surrounding communities that were lost to the lake. The trail’s 48-inch wide engineered mountain bike trail is a hard-pack dirt path suitable all ages and will take you through the true ND prairies and unique wooded areas. Wildlife and native flowers are abundant so don't forget the camera. Free trail maps are available at convenience store.

  • Local Areas of Interest

    Indian Hills is located between the towns of Garrison, and Parshall. Garrison is approximately 35 miles west, and Parshall is 28 miles north. These small towns offer a host of summer events, golf courses, unique museums and wildlife reuges . Visit these links to an learn about our area and plan a day trip today.

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