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You are invited to experience Lake Sakakawea's famous Walleye, Northern Pike, Small Mouth Bass, and Salmon fishing. Maybe hunting Pheasants or Waterfowl is your game? You will find it all at Indian Hills Resort and Campground. We offer a variety of Camping and Lodging services from rustic Log Camping Cabins, Tent Camping and RV sites, to fully modern Lodging in the Condos or Arrowhead Lodge.


Weekly Fishing Report

  • October 24th 2018

    We have seen some beauties come out of the lake this fall.  The fishing has been spotty, and mostly weather dependent. The Shell Island has been good for fewer but larger walleye.  Try Independence to Bears Dens too. The last reports had walleye out of 10-14 and 28-35 ft. on Minnows and Cranks. Jigging Raps have been good as well. I have sold down all of our bait for the year so please stop and get some before you come out. The courtesy dock is still in and if you need gas you will need to call ahead to 701-743-4122. I can arrange for someone to meet you. We will continue renting the Arrowhead Lodge until late November.  The waterfowl report is that there are a lot of birds north of us and they are just now filtering down. Upland numbers have been better than expected. You might need to put on 8-10 miles a day and several dogs but they are out there.  

    Construction News: If you haven’t heard already we have big plans for 2019. Our new Lodging facility is currently under construction and on schedule to be open Mid May 2019.  I will start keeping you posted via Facebook and in this fishing report. We are currently booking for next season so get your friends and family together and start planning!

  • September 14th 2018

    Here is what is happening in the area this week: Fishing tournaments are winding down on Lake Sakakawea as fall brings hunting season but Government Bay on the east end of the Big Lake is the site of one of the last events of the summer Sept. 15 and 16. Sharptail grouse and partridge season are now open so this is the time of year when sportsmen and sportswomen can hunt in the cool morning hours and fish “the Hills” in the afternoon. Don’t forget that camping and lodging is still available.


    *Indian Hills Resort: Fewer anglers are on the water but look for the best success farther west around Deepwater Bay in 25 to 35 feet using jigging Raps.

    *Van Hook Arm: Look for an occasional walleye but overall success is light.

    *Garrison: Anglers will want to move around to locate bait fish and walleye, trying a variety of depths. Work from the U.S. Highway 83 embankment to the west on both sides of the shore and look for a switch to minnows but bring nightcrawlers, as well.

    *Pick City: The east end of Lake Sakakawea is producing scattered walleye success using Lindy rigs with bottom bouncers and nightcrawlers. However, anglers will also want to try jigging Raps. Try 20 to 105 feet for salmon with fish definitely spread out. Work a variety of presentations with the best success around Government Bay. Look for some salmon success from shore in the evening to start soon, as well.

    *South shore: Anglers are finding that the best walleye success remains west in the midsection along the south shore. Try jigging Raps in deep water.


                North Dakota Rivers Report, featuring Lake Sakakawea’s two major tributaries:

    *Missouri River: Garrison Dam’s average daily releases have been reduced slightly and are now running at 43,000 cubic feet per second (CFS). The elevation of Lake Sakakawea is 1,845.37 feet above mean sea level as the reservoir is lowered to provide run for next spring’s runoff.

    *Little Missouri River, Long X Bridge: The streamflow average is 174 CFS.

    *Yellowstone River, Sidney, Mont.: The Yellowstone’s river stage is 4.63 feet while flows are running 6,970 CFS.

  • August 29th 2018

    Here is what is happening in the area this week: What a pleasure it was to host the North Dakota AIM Championship Aug. 24 and 25. We hope everyone enjoyed their stay at the Hills. We’re looking forward to Labor Day weekend, as well.


    *Indian Hills Resort: Anglers enjoyed a good North Dakota AIM tournament with better success working west of the resort towards Shell.

    *Van Hook Arm: Anglers are looking to switch to minnows farther south in the Van Hook Arm but some success continues with nightcrawlers. Try jigging Raps around Shell Island or Independence Point with depth varying from 13 to 40 feet.

    *Garrison: Try working Lake Sakakawea’s east end humps for walleye in 20 to 50 feet but the fish are running a bit smaller, though. Anglers might also want to try deep around 40 feet in Douglas Bay. Be sure to work a variety of presentations.

    *Pick City: Try a variety of presentations for walleye in 30 feet on the east end of Lake Sakakawea. Anglers are finding fair salmon success in 80 to 100 feet using a variety of presentations - nothing consistent for pattern although most success remains north of Government Bay.  

    *South shore: Activity is light for angler numbers around the south shore. Try nightcrawlers with spinners and bottom bouncers or crankbaiting along any flats working west of the resort for walleye, though.


                North Dakota Rivers Report, featuring Lake Sakakawea’s two major tributaries:

    *Missouri River: Garrison Dam’s average daily releases remain at 46,000 cubic feet per second (CFS) while the elevation of Lake Sakakawea continues dropping. It’s now 1,847.03 feet above mean sea level.

    *Little Missouri River, Long X Bridge: The streamflow average is trickling along at 199 CFS.

    *Yellowstone River, Sidney, Mont.: The Yellowstone’s river stage is 5.28 feet while flows are running 8,930 CFS.

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